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Getting a Disaster Recovery Plan Started

Having a disaster recovery plan for your organization could be one of the most vital elements in your organization's long-term stability. For some, the process of creating a disaster recovery plan can seem overwhelming at the outset, but this effort could one day save your organization. Disasters take many shapes and sizes and can strike at anytime. In the shadow of daily commitments making a disaster recovery plan may seem cumbersome and peripheral. But when a catastrophe does come, the process - hopefully not left until it's too late -- will immediately become a top priority.

Company Awareness

The first step in disaster recovery planning is realizing that there is a need for this type of preparation. Organizations that value their businesses need to establish and maintain effective disaster recovery plans. In times of need, these plans can minimize interruptions in normal business operation and will limit the extent of damage and disruption in business productivity.

The responsibility to setup disaster recovery plans falls to an organization's board and executives. They must organize and maintain a clear outline of what actions they want taken and which employees need to play a part in the process of disaster recovery should unforeseen events occur.

Disaster recovery plans should be well known and well rehearsed by all who will have a role in the recovery process. All management and staff should be aware of the disaster recovery plan and what is required of them in the event of a serious disaster.

The Planning Project

There are several fundamental elements that should be included in any disaster recovery pan. Every plan should involve basics such as emergency response protocol, procedures for backing-up data, software, etc., and detailed outlines of which staff should be involved in the recovery process and what specific actions they should take in order to get the organization up and running like normal again with the least amount of cost and in the shortest amount of time.

When an organization is ready to begin creating its disaster recovery plan, the first thing it should do is set goals for its disaster recovery plan: for example, what should the plan accomplish, and it what sort of time frame? Second, the organization should create an accurate, up to date list of personnel for each of its departments. The third part of the plan involves making a list of all essential network applications, the personnel essential to run them, and how frequently the information should be backed-up. The fourth task would be to take an inventory of all physical elements needed to run the organization's Local Area Network and Wide Area Network lines. Fifth, the organization needs to make note of the procedures involved in backing-up its information services. Sixth, a detailed outline of all disaster recovery procedures should be made. And the list goes on.

Making a disaster recovery plan will take some effort but it does not have to be difficult. In fact, to assist you in the development of your disaster recovery plan, we offer a free booklet and template that will help you get your plan started.

To assist you in the development of your disaster recovery plan we offer a free booklet and template to help get you started.