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Case Study: Disaster Recovery - Automotive

Global Automotive Giant Uses FatPipe XTREME to Ensure Redundancy, Reliability and Speed for its Worldwide Offices' Wide Area Network

A Fortune 500 global automotive Tier 1 parts manufacturer and supplier is a provider of innovative solutions and systems to customers worldwide in the automotive, small engine, heavy-duty, and industrial markets. Ranked among the top global independent automotive suppliers, serving both original equipment and after-market customers including the largest automotive makers, the company employs about 50,000 people at its 150 manufacturing locations in 25 countries.

The automotive Company links all of its offices via direct T1 connections to the Company's headquarters, from where the Internet is accessed. This necessitated the need for WAN reliability and redundancy and an effective disaster recovery plan. This Company addressed these critical needs by integrating FatPipe XTREME into their WAN infrastructure. This high-speed router clustering device from FatPipe Networks ensures the highest levels of WAN redundancy, reliability, load balancing, and speed for data transmissions over the Internet.

FatPipe XTREME aggregates any combination of DS3, T1, E3, E1, DSL, ISDN, wireless, and/or cable lines. The company was provided with the facility of binding the same type of lines together, or disparate lines or a combination of both. The load balancing feature increases the network speed for the Company's various locations and disaster recovery sites.

The automatic failover component in XTREME is capable of detecting any line, router, ISP or backbone failures. It identifies the disruption, and automatically reroutes outbound traffic to available lines. This is crucial for the automotive manufacturer's disaster recovery locations to ensure that the WAN infrastructure remains intact, and workable despite a component or service failure, or other natural or man-made disasters.

FatPipe XTREME's auto failover, bonding and dynamic load balancing features, allows the automotive supplier to enjoy reliable, redundant and fast Internet connections and to stay connected with customers and employees.

Solution Overview


The Company’s branch offices access the Internet through point-to-point connections to their headquarters. With operations worldwide, reliability and uptime for their Internet connections are critical. The automotive leader employs FatPipe XTREME at its corporate office to support its employees' Internet access and to be prepared for emergencies in the event of a disaster. FatPipe XTREME provides mission critical reliability, redundancy and load balancing required for the Company’s network, as well as aggregate speed of two connections.

All of the Company’s branch offices connect to the Internet from its Headquarters. It cannot afford its Internet connection to go down. That would be costly and disrupt the daily flow of important information that is communicated over its Wide Area Network.


FatPipe XTREME fits perfectly into the company’s network, and since it is a transparent and seamless technology, Administrators were able to implement it without making major changes to their WAN.


FatPipe XTREME provides the reliability, redundancy, and speed the automotive Company requires to get business done efficiently.